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Fortuna Advisors is very innovative and has developed a significant amount of intellectual capital. We have been very transparent and have made our views and research available to leading media outlets. Please feel free to search by topic or author.

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Articles By Category
1. Core Fortuna Principles
2. Strategic Resource Allocation
3. Embrace an Ownership Culture
4. Fortuna Strategic Framework
5. Leadership
6. Capital Deployment
7. Soft Investments
8. Acquisitions
9. Buybacks
10. Motivation and Incentives
11. Operating Decision-Making
12. Financial Strategy
13. Shareholder Activism
14. Industry Articles
15. Fortuna Fundamentals
A Fresh Look at the Required Return
The Envelope, Please: The 2011 Capital Deployment Awards
Postmodern Corporate Finance
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Articles By Author
By Author
Frank R. Hopson
Gregory V. Milano
Jim McTaggart
JinBae Kim
Joseph Theriault
Marwaan Karame
Prepare for This Pay-for-Performance Measure
Embracing an Ownership Culture
A Young Biotech Firm’s Dilemma
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