What Makes Us Different

Value Focused: Driving superior long-term value and TSR is our only business, not a side business to generate transactions or other consulting services. 

Innovate Measurement: We created Residual Cash Earnings (RCE), an innovative measure that provides superior signals of value creation by avoiding the anti-investment bias of most return related measures.  Based on decades of experience, we’ve crafted a proprietary operational framework that links RCE to five key drivers of the current and future value of a firm.

Knowledge and Experience:  Our partners have successfully advised hundreds of clients on how to produce exceptional returns for shareholders. Our leadership has over 100 years of corporate advisory and capital markets experience having worked at Credit Suisse, DLJ, Stern Stewart, Marakon and Economic Value Advisors prior to Fortuna.

Capital Markets Driven Insights: We ground our recommendations in bespoke capital market research rather than relying on academic theories or opinions.  Using empirical evidence, we advise our clients to go by what investors do rather than what they say, since we often find differences between what investors demand and what is actually rewarded in the capital markets.

Linking Strategy, Execution, and TSR: We uncover the root causes of performance gaps by identifying weaknesses in processes and organizational barriers to long term value creation. 

Driving Owner-like Behavior: We have a strong cultural emphasis, and our communications, training and coaching revolves around embedding an “Act Like You Own the Place” mindset in the organization.