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What They Say About Us

Corporate Client Views

“Our company  engaged Fortuna  to help Management and the Board  address  two basic issues:  1) a review of our overall business strategy’s effectiveness in creating shareholder value and 2) a review of our message to the financial community to express it in a meaningful and successful way.   Fortuna’s experience and methodology were extremely helpful.  In addition to a very professional presentation, the interactive dialog with Fortuna during the course of the project gave our management actionable comfort with the process and findings.  The culmination of the project was their joining a meeting of our Board of Directors and Management  to discuss shareholder value,  a vital topic that Boards should ensure they spend quality time on. “

- CEO and Chairman, Multi-National Manufacturing Company

"Fortuna is a trusted advisor to my Company, we have engaged them on several fronts and they continue to deliver thoughtful insights that are backed by robust financial analysis and of strategic relevance. Fortuna Advisors has enhanced our corporate development process with their robust methodology for M&A Planning, Execution and Integration. Most recently we engaged them to help us drive strategic planning and decision making down to our local business unit leadership as a means of delivering more value to our customers and creating more value for our investors.”

- Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Services Company

"Fortuna analyzed wall street and internal company profit and capital forecasts and helped us better understand how the street was interpreting our IR communications.  Further they layered onto these estimates a large international acquisition which we were negotiating and made excellent recommendations to enhance our communications strategy.  With extremely tight time deadlines and very little advance notice, Fortuna delivered a polished and thoughtful work product which substantially enhanced management and board consideration of these matters.  Fortuna’s insights were relevant, practical and supported by quantitative analysis.  We will seek Fortuna’s input in the future.”

- Chief Financial Officer,
Oilfield Services Company

“Fortuna Advisors’ helped us to confirm the gap between investors expectations for the company and our internal management plan as a starting point to evaluate our strategic and operational alternatives.  Their analysis went beyond metrics and focused on alternatives for creating shareholder value.“

- Vice President Corporate Planning & Strategic Analysis,
Large Cap Biotechnology Company

Investor Views

"Fortuna's rigorous analytical approach can help companies and investors gauge imbedded expectations as well as objectively determine which factors are contributing and detracting from financial results. Estimates can provide invaluable empirical evidence of the risk and reward implied by a share price and the differing expectations from one company to the next. I believe it can be extremely helpful to have an independent, informed outsider, like Fortuna, assess the landscape."

- Phil Pace, Managing Director,
Chambers Energy Capital

"Being able to understand how shareholders and potential shareholders will analyze and react to management's actions should be one of the critical inputs to any company's decision making process.  Most management teams and Boards never get this type of objective, unfiltered advice.  The principles at Fortuna have uncovered the Portfolio Manager's playbook which will provide any company a value-creating edge in the way they allocate capital, communicate with investors, and build better value propositions for their customers, employees, and shareholders."

- Glenn W. Welling, Principal & Managing Director,
Relational Investors LLC.

“Fortuna’s independent strategic advice attracts the best type of shareholders – those investors that stand ready to close the gap between intrinsic value and market share price.  How?  Fortuna’s recommendations, based on a unique 3rd generation value-based framework, catalyze strategic changes aligned with growing per-share intrinsic value. 

Most companies say they manage for value but really just try to manage share prices by leading investors to chase the wrong expectations.  Fortuna’s value-based recommendations correct these pervasive misconceptions in both the investment and corporate communities.  Hiring Fortuna should be considered a BUY signal by any investor that wants its managers to act in ways that increase per-share intrinsic value“

David Lee Berkowitz, CIO, Rapidan Capital, LLC
Visit “Berk Advisory's Value-Aligned Investing”

"When building our investment portfolios, we look for companies that have a track record of long term value creation. We like companies whose incentives are aligned with shareholder value, and we like disciplined allocators of capital...companies who understand that growth can create enormous value but does not always create value. I believe Fortuna Advisors is well positioned to advise companies on these topics and help them communicate with the asset management community.”

- John R. Pearce, Managing Director,
Van Hulzen Asset Management

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