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Goddess Fortuna
History & Inspiration
Table Of Contents


I. Core Principals
    a. Postmodern Corporate Finance - Journal of Applied Corporate Finance
    b. In Need of Internal Capitalism - Buona Fortuna!
    c. An Internal Capitalism Checkup - Buona Fortuna!

    d. Are Your Investors in for the Long Haul? -
    e. The Envelope, Please: The 2011 Capital Deployment Awards -
    f. A Fresh Look at the Required Return - Buona Fortuna!
    g.  Beating the Market the Right Way – London Business School Review
    h.  Embracing an Ownership Culture

II. Motivating, Measuring and Incentivizing the Organization
     a. Be Your Own Activist - Buona Fortuna!
     b. Building a Better Business by Thinking Like an Investor - Buona Fortuna!
     c. Don't Be Too Preoccupied with Return on Capital - Buona Fortuna!
     d. Motivating Shareholder Value - Buona Fortuna!
     e. Forget Free Cash a Period Performance Measure - Buona Fortuna!
     f.  Driving the Company's Value through an Ownership Mindset - CFO Summit
     g. How Strategic Caution Can Limit Value Creation - Buona Fortuna!
     h.  Are Bonuses An Obstacle To Shareholder Value -
     i.  Long-Term Incentives Spur Owner-Like Thinking -
     j.  Past Performance Is No Guarantee -
     k.  Virtues of Fact Based Decision Making -
     l.   Michael Dell’s False Dichotomy -
     m.  Be Your Own Activist - JACF(PDF Opens in New Window)
     n.  Activist Investors and Their Implications for Corporate Managers- JACF(PDF Opens in New Window)
     o.  The Annual Budget May Be Past Its Useful Life –
    p.  Top 10 Bad Management Behaviors –
    q.  Economic Profit: A Better Way to Measure Performance –
    r.  ‘Shareholder Value’ for Private Companies –
    s.  Why Continuous Improvement Beats Annual Budgeting –
    t.  Stop The Quarterly Madness –
    u.  Avoiding the Mood Swings of Mr. Market –
    v.   How to Reduce Investment Decision Complexity –
    w.   Be Cautious About ‘Sweating Your Assets’ –
    x.   A Theory of Relativity Misses the Mark –
    y.   CEO Success Is About Longevity, Performance And Value
    y.   Five Actions to Improve Sales Force Effectiveness

III. Corporate Strategy - Managing and Growing the Business
       a. Buy Low Sell High - Really! - Buona Fortuna!
       b. Driving Growth with Finance - CFO Rising West
       c. Who Says M&A Doesn't Create Value? - Buona Fortuna!
       d. Want to be a Great Acquirer? Do More Deals - Buona Fortuna!
       e. Is Corporate Divorce the Answer? - Buona Fortuna!
       f. Are You Reinvesting Enough? -
       g. Is it Time to Breakup? -
       h. Too Big to Succeed? -
       i. Acquirer TSR Hinges on Economic Results - Buona Fortuna!
       j. Are You Wasting Time on Poor Performers? -
       k. Do Acquisition Premiums Matter -
       l. How Corporate Diversity & Size Influence Spinoffs & Other Breakups - Journal of Applied Corporate Finance
      m. Is Fear Dampening Corporate Performance? -
      n. How Good, Old-Fashioned Sales Growth Drives Value -
      o. Rx for Emerging-Market Investment: Lower Hurdle Rates for Growing Nations -
      p. The Case for Working Capital -
      q. Can Operating Leases Be Strategic? -
      r. Consultants' Commentary: FX Trends -
      s. Is Financial Leverage Good for Shareholders? -
      t. Why Isn't the Stock Market Higher? -
     u. The Unhealthy Fear Of Risk -
     v. Everything Must Earn An ROI -
     w. Why Some Stocks Perform Better Than Others -
     x. Depreciation Can Distort Returns -
     y. Who Cares About Quarterly EPS for Facebook -
     z. Clearing the Bar: Setting Hurdle Rates that Properly Encourage Growth – AFP (PDF- Opens in new window)
     1. Test Your Pricing Strategy, Sandy Reminds CFOs –
     2. Is Accounting Blocking R&D Investments? –
     3. The Case For Shareholder Value Focus –
     4. 2012 Capital Deployment Awards –
     5. The Sum Of All Investments –
     6. What Fortune Brands' bustup portends for investors – Crain’s
     7. Are Your Growth Investments Effective? –
     8. Dead or Alive: Unwanted – The Deal Pipeline
     9. Is it Time to Prune the Portfolio? -
     10. Saks: A Good Deal For All –
     11. Don't Overreact to Cycles –
     12. Bernankes Wet Noodle –
     13. How To Get Ready For Economic Cycles –
     14. How Successfull Is Your CEO –
     15. Keeping Activist Investors Away –
     16. Four Ways High Share Price Companies Can Boost Value –
     17. Ugh! It's Budget Approval Time –
     18. Why Not Pay Executives Like Private Equity Does? –
     19. Capital Deployment Roundtable: A Discussion of Corporate Investment and Payout Policy- JACF (PDF - Opens in new window)
     20. Are You Prepared for a Downturn?-
     21. Common Beliefs that Lead to Unprofitable Pricing-
     22. Partying Like It’s 1999-
     23. What Makes a First-Time CEO Vulnerable?-
     24. Partnering with a New CEO to Boost Shareholder Returns-
     25. Do We Remember How to Grow?-
     26. Is a Higher Valuation Multiple Always Better-
     27. Brand Value Drives Corporate Value-
     28. Overcoming 3 Roadblocks to Strategic Resource Allocation -
     29. Are Your Capital Allocations Strategic?
     30. When Projects Have a Zero or Negative NPV
    31. Building a Bridge Between Marketing and Finance - JACF

IV. Capital Distribution Policy and Impact
       a. Are Buybacks the Best We Can Do? - Buona Fortuna!
       b. Is Cash Still King? -
       c. When do Dividends Really Matter? -
       d. What's Your Return on Buybacks? -
       e.  Stock Buybacks: Buy high and sell low - Fortune
       f. U.S. Companies wonder where to put all that cash - Crain's New York
       g. Is Excess Cash a Problem? -
       h. How To Make Hay Out Of Buybacks -
       i. Why To Choose Growth Over Buybacks -
       j. A User’s Guide to Buyback ROI, Buyback Strategy, and Buyback Effectiveness – Buona Fortuna!
       k. Advocates Overrating the Benefits of Buybacks –
       l. The Most and Least Effective Stock Buyback Programs – Institutional Investor
       m. Buybacks Expected To Increase -NY Times
       n. Delta Air Lines: Ready For Unexpected Turbulence? - Seeking Alpha
       o. Shamu-Sized Expectations For SeaWorld Entertaiment - Seeking Alpha
       p. Avoid Those Rose-Colored Dividends -
       q. Three Reasons to Shed Your Idle Assets -
       r. 2017 Buyback ROI Report - - Download PDF
       s. 4 ‘Buyback’ Stocks Worth Buying -
How to Tell Good Buybacks from Bad Ones
Reinvestment Rate, Leverage, and the Commodity Cycle
Bloomberg Roundtable on Theory and Practice of Capital Structure
Why Stock Market Buybacks Should Make Investors Nervous
2018 Buyback ROI Report (PDF Download)

V. Industry Insights
Capital deployment in oil and gas: Are you reinvesting enough? - Oil & Gas Finance Journal
       b. Chugging Along - How Transportation Uses Capital -
       c. Time for a New Shirt? -
       d. Growing Retailers Spark High Returns -
       e. For Consumer Products Makers, Sales Growth Spurs Share Prices -
        f. Why Are Wholesalers Protecting High Returns? -
       g. The Prescription for Pharma Is Revenue Growth -
       h. Should Medical Device Companies Make or Buy Their Growth? -
       i. Media Business: Adapt or Face Nightmare of Change -
       j. In Tech, It’s How Well You Invest that Matters -
       k. In Tech, Return Measures are Better than Margins -
       l. In Tech, One Measure Rises Above the Rest -
       m. Amazon: A Case Study in Tech Valuation -
       n. How Corporations Subsidize the Federal Debt -
       o. Drivers of Shareholder Returns in Tech Industries- JACF (PDF opens in a new window)
       p. Why Great Health Care Companies Aren’t Necessarily Great Stocks -
       q. In Health Care, Reinvestment Outshines Dividends, Buybacks, Debt -
       r. Improving the Health of Healthcare Companies
       s. A Young Biotech Firm’s Dilemma -

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